Re: Order of sectors on a track

Re: Order of sectors on a track

Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 09:15:22 +0200
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Hallo Peter,

> I do wonder why that would matter, though.  You are decoding them and
> storing them on the hard drive that isn't GCR, so this should not matter. 
> Much like a D64, it shouldn't know or care about sector headers.

The idea was to restore the D64 to disk again in case a program relies on 
dealing with a real floppy. FC3 is such a 'program'. But as a D64 cannot 
store the order of sectors, I won't be able to restore the original floppy 
anyway. And a program checking the order of sectors will crash anyway on 
1541IDE as it doesn't provide SYNC and headers. 

Hallo allemaal,

FYI: I was able to bring back the time to 35 seconds by reducing the 
interleave to 4 for three of the four density areas. Now a bit of tinkering 
with stepping the head and maybe I'll get another one or two seconds off. 

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  / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud Baltissen
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