Re: RE: FLASH ROM replacement

Re: RE: FLASH ROM replacement

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu, 7 May 2009 00:03:27 -0400
Message-ID: <>
On Wed, May 6, 2009 at 9:37 PM, M H Stein <> wrote:
> Hi Ethan:
> If you replace all your RAM & ROM with 1 chip ea., and you just happened
> to have one of the ones I need in your left-overs, any chance I could talk you
> out of it/them?

I have a few original ROMs and zero RAMs.  I have to check to see if I
have a chargen ROM or not, but since what I have is pulls, I'm
guessing not.  I probably have leftovers from Original PETs that were
upgraded to 2.0.

> Conversely, what do you need, in case I decide to go that route.

I have to sit down with a ROM list and see what I have before I could
answer that.  Two 6550 RAMs would save me the hassle of building an
adapter for the video RAM.  I'm OK with using a PETRAM board for main
memory rather than trying to find two banks of 6550s.

> What we need is some kind of RAM/ROM registry like they have for organ
> replacements... ;-)

No doubt.

> Did ya ever get that 2001 board I sent you completed and PETting away?

I did not, unfortunately.  I got as far as getting a 3032 board from
another list member working with a chassis-type DC PSU and one of the
ancient PET-to-composite adapters, but I never succeeded in getting a
stable picture.  I could see that the PET was running, but the best I
could get was a slow roll on an ancient B&W 9" "security" monitor.  I
wanted to get the static PET working, but I ran out of time in the
winter to make ROM/RAM adapters from scratch (I had much less free
time this deployment than on previous deployments).  I did get the
board cleaned up and ready to work on, but not as far as applying
power.  It's a project for this year.  If nothing else, I can
temporarily mount it inside a 3032 (2001N) chassis and use the monitor
from that for debugging the static PET board.


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