8032-sk with extra memory on Supersoft high resolution graphics board

8032-sk with extra memory on Supersoft high resolution graphics board

From: Anti Florian <anti77_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 17:27:36 +0300
Message-ID: <9e4d5d330905060727t13472c33j7158dd340a67bd28@mail.gmail.com>
Hi all,
I have two 8032-sk computers, both not functional.

The first had garbage characters on the screen when powered up for the first
time. I removed the motherboard, cleaned it before repairs, but now I get
only a continuous bleep sound, no picture. Sound is present even with the
CRTC controller removed. VIA is working fine (i have replaced the 6522 from
a VIC-20, no change). Removing both PIO controllers (6520) no change. Clocks
seems to work fine (my scope measures only up to 5MHz). Swapping the
Supersoft high resolution graphics board add-on card has no effect. Removing
it leaves 2 empty rom sockets, obviously will not work without it... Display
rams get a little warm, but not hot, they should be ok. Removing some of the
4114 RAMS will stop the sound, but still no picture. Any ideas what to try?
The only thing I did not try is a new CRTC controller...

The other had motor oil on the board, so I cleaned it with detergent solved
in water, and let it dry in sunlight before power on. Probably under the
IC-s it still has some oil, as it won't power up at all... No sound, no

Does anyone has the correct procedure to this adapter board? It may be
incorrectly attached. Now it connects by 2 sockects to UA3 / UD7, to signals
ta0-ta9 from the CRTC by a flat cable with a blue adapter on top of the IC,
to PIN 11 from UB8 with the red pin adapter (video latch?), to PIN 11 from
UE4 (clock?) with the yellow adapter, pin 21,22 from J9 with yellow/green
cable and pin 14 orange cable, pin 17,18 from j4 with the brown/red cable.

It should function without the  keyboard attached, right?


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