interesting hardware ... DCN-2692 - 1581 clone

interesting hardware ... DCN-2692 - 1581 clone

Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 15:45:15 +0000 (GMT)
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  Hi, all

  I've just found this interesting piece of hardware in the "disk box"
  of my SX64 : a DCN-2692 that I had bought years ago fully mounted.
  Here is a link to the site of the author :

  -> I've never used the board and I'm unsure of what floppy drive can
  be put inside (should any 1.44 modern drive work or does it needs
  absolutely a 720K drive)

  -> Does anyone have any experience with this 1581 clone board ?

  I wish to transfer programs from my PC & any of my CBM systems that
  are physically located to far away to use a regular x1541 cable of
  any kind. This implies floppy transfer. I've tryed 1581copy but had
  problems with it - finding a floppy that would work and not crashing
  the W2K3 that hosts the drive - I've finally used a VmWare dos
  machine and it appears to start to work from the PC side - Did anyone
  Tried that ?

  I also noticed a strange problem with my real 1581 that have been
  stored in "perfect" condition. It seems to work correctly with CP/M
  floppies but very badly with native ones; i nearly can't read
  anything on it, just directory, times to times ! I have high
  difficulties to even format a floppy with it .... and discovered that
  when I switch off the monitor that I use, it works better - Any ideas
  ? Tryed to clean the 1581 but no flagrant progress.

  Regards - Hervé

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