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Thanks, Anders ....

  I had a look at this Wikipedia article .....

  That, I am certain that it's not "theorically" complex to add
  numerous HDD to a 9090. How many ? 4 - May be 8 ... I won't try by

  >Capable of managing 2 x MFM Hard drive mechanisms, which is
  communicated to the user as two >combined Directories, with one
  header number = 0 and the other header number = 1 Which is strange
  >because most Commodore drives of this era required each seperate
  disk Directory to be called >individually by a command LOAD"$",8,0
  and LOAD"$",8,1 for the two drives that reside in Device 8. As a
  >result it looks like the DOS was never fully completed by Commodore,
  which is evident when you save to >the hard drive only to find that
  the two directories overlap for the one device and the number of
  blocks >free is only displayed as if only one Hard drive is in use.

  Hum ??? It started well but I am affraid that the writer doesn't had
  used the classic commodore dual floppy drives - to have a look at
  drive 0's directory, type load "0:$",8 and, for drive 1's directory,
  it's load "1:$",8 .... the last ,0 or ,1 means the load address that
  has nothing to do with it !


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  > Hervé asked:
  > > - What was original retail price ?
  > This Wikipedia user notes he found a Commodore price list from
  > September
  > 1983. Back then, the D9060 was listed at 1995 GBP, a D9090 at 2495
  > GBP. I
  > don't know when those hard drives originally were released, some
  > time in
  > 1982?
  > So if you compare the two, the 9090 has 50% more capacity but a
  > list price
  > only 25% higher. It appears this ratio still is more or less valid.
  > Best regards
  > --
  > Anders Carlsson
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