Re: 1541 $01xx area

Re: 1541 $01xx area

Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 16:51:16 -0400 (EDT)
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> Hallo allemaal,
>> I must have missed something but where?
> As usual I stumbled upon two things by accident just ten minutes after
> sending the previous email. It seems that two pairs of zero-page addresses
> are used during the decoding. One of them is loaded with the value $0145
> and is incremented. From the other one the high byte is loaded with $01.
> Where possible I replaced $01 with $08. But no success yet.
> An much easier way is to use the $08xx area for my variables. But that
> leaves me with just about 60 stack bytes. Who knows a way to find out how
> much stack is used? One way: fill the stack with, lets say, $55, do some
> havy things and then check what is left over of the $55's.
> Any other idea is welcome.

I would probably try to hack it into VICE- that would seem much easier.  
It might take some trickery to modify the 1541 driver to be similar to
your hardware, but not too bad.  After that it would seem it could
decrease your development time incredibly.


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