Re: 90x0, was: New user

Re: 90x0, was: New user

From: Anders Carlsson <>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 10:35:37 +0200
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> FYI: just found an email from you, date 30 June 2005, where you mention
> the same idea regarding using the whole 16 MB range :)

Yes, that probably was due to replacing the broken Tandon 602/603 drives 
with Seagates which themselves have greater capacity.

In any case, those hard drives are heavy stuff. I'm not sure what weighs so 
much, if it is the actual HDD or built in power supply. It looks reasonably 
small sitting on a desk but then you lift it down and almost get a shock if 
you're not ready for the weight. The dual floppy drives are much better in 
that respect. They both look heavy and are. :-)

By the way, I may have a broken 10 MB Corvus hard disk plus Hardbox 
interface if anyone is seriously interested at playing around. Perhaps I can 
bring those out in the summer. I do have a working 6 MB setup whch I might 
keep though. Granted they're even bigger and bulkier than Commodore's own 
hard drives, but a bit cool and unusual. I looked inside of the broken one 
and think it uses some ST-412/506 drive as well, but with its own interface 
board that connects to the Hardbox which in its turn supplies an IEEE-488 
interface for the PET. These systems also came with multiplexers for hard 
drive sharing. I suppose a PET-switch would allow people to share a D9060 
drive too, although the ring network implementation would result in a lot of 
cables going across the room where 2-3-4 people work simultaneously.

Best regards

Anders Carlsson

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