Re: Commodore Typewriter

Re: Commodore Typewriter

From: Ernie Chorny <>
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2009 16:58:02 -0400
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William -

Bo's list shows some of the typewriters I have.

Would appreciate a photo of the one you describe.


William Levak wrote:
> I recently came across a Commodore typewriter.  It has 50 keys plus 
> spacebar. (When people give the number of keys on a typewriter, I'm 
> never sure if they are counting the space bar, so I list it separately.)
> It has two features the I have not seen on any other typewriter:  1) 
> The platen lifts out and the paper rollers underneath it also lift out 
> along with the metal paper guide under the platen.  2) there is a 
> small white knob under the left platen knob that disengages the line 
> feed spacing.
> It also has a platen release knob, tabs and "magic margins".
> It has a metal enclosure with a script "Commodore" logo on the right 
> front and "Commodore - TORONTO / Made in Canada" on the back. It is a 
> medium brown with white keys and black space bar.
> Serial number ZP-120814 on the bottom of the frame.  "ZP" probably is 
> either the model or feature code.
> It has a soft zippered "vinyl-like" case made by Blondy Luggage Co., 
> Montreal.  But there is a slot on the back of the typewriter near the 
> bottom, like Smith-Corona typewriters have for holding in a rigid 
> carrying case.  The type of carrying case could have been an optional 
> extra.
> The carrying case is in poor condition and the typewriter carriage is 
> jammed.
> I do not know how old it is, but there is a receipt with it showing 
> that it was cleaned, oiled, and adjusted in 1971.
> I looked on Bo Zimmers list, but there is not enough information there 
> to determine if it is one of those.  The color of the typewriter does 
> not indicate if it is a different model. Typewriter companies in that 
> period sold typewriters in a variety of colors, even if they were 
> actually the same model.
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