Re: xum1541 announcement

From: Nate Lawson (
Date: 2009-02-12 20:51:03

Wolfgang Moser wrote:
> sorry about the nitpicking, but ...

No problem, except I get to nitpick back. :)

> Nate Lawson schrieb:
>> When
>> I'm done, it will be open source. Wolfgang Moser and Spiro Trikaliotis
>> have helped with testing and OpenCBM issues.
> please take note that _it_is_ already
> OpenSource since the xu1541 sources were
> distributed under the GNU GPL. Therefore
> your contributions have to be licensed
> under the GPL as well due to the viral
> features of the GPL's Copyleft.

I intend to make it GPL so this is all moot. However, please note that
the GPL viral provisions are triggered by *distribution* of binary or
source code. If I never distribute the binaries to anyone, then my code
is not licensed under GPL. I guess since I've sent you a copy of the
binary, that version of the code is already GPL. However, I've been
improving it a lot since then also.

Anyway, this is not an issue.


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