Re: xum1541 announcement

From: Nate Lawson (
Date: 2009-02-12 07:36:50

Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> Nate Lawson wrote:
>> Hi all. I thought I would announce on this list the upcoming xum1541
>> adapter. It is a USB interface to the IEC bus. The advantage over the
>> existing xu1541 is that it has hardware-accelerated USB so it can
>> support faster transfers and the mnib nibbler protocol. It is based on
>> the xu1541 source and I hope the two can coexist in the OpenCBM project.
> It's nice to see this coming along :) strong work. I'm all thumbs with a
> soldering iron, but I'm looking forward to hearing about the custom boards.

Thanks. I have a lot of debugging to do on the nib support and just got
sick. Hopefully I'll have more time/energy for it this weekend.

The custom boards will be far off. I expect the first kit will just be a
daughterboard and some headers to connect to the pre-made USBKEY. This
is similar to the XAP-1541 interface. It's a little bit of soldering,
but pretty simple overall. Programming is pure software, thanks to the
onboard USB bootloader.

So all you'd have to do is attach some headers, obtain the
daughterboard, and then load a firmware image onto it via software. No
custom cables required.


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