xum1541 announcement

From: Nate Lawson (nate_at_root.org)
Date: 2009-02-11 22:58:27

Hi all. I thought I would announce on this list the upcoming xum1541
adapter. It is a USB interface to the IEC bus. The advantage over the
existing xu1541 is that it has hardware-accelerated USB so it can
support faster transfers and the mnib nibbler protocol. It is based on
the xu1541 source and I hope the two can coexist in the OpenCBM project.

Current status is that it is nearly functionally identical to the xu1541
(but faster in some cases). I'm still working on the mnib support. When
I'm done, it will be open source. Wolfgang Moser and Spiro Trikaliotis
have helped with testing and OpenCBM issues.



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