Re: Parting with my PET collection in Finland

From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2009-02-05 12:35:28

Marko Mäkelä wrote:

> But I wouldn't really like to ship these heavy and somewhat brittle items.

Agreed, it is very hard to pack them safely. I have sent more than a couple 
of those to list members and others, and while most arrive somewhat intact, 
there have been ugly incidents. I only single-boxed mine in special 50x50x55 
mm cardboard boxes with packing chips which I've figured is far from 
adequate. Bubble wrap will help some, even bigger air "balloons" probably 
will work better. Double boxing is the ideal way to go, or manufacture a 
hard box from wood, but it would both take time and weigh a lot extra.

> You could combine this with a summer holiday in Finland,

If a visit to Marko would not be enough, I may still have some finds to 
collect although most items from my provider now are left-overs and 
non-functional items. Almost all the gems and complete systems have been 
picked up and traded. The owner and in particular his wife though would like 
to see all Commodore stuff be gone from basement and garage, which still is 
a bit more than what I find useful to pick up in small quantities and then 
trade away. Of course I would also prefer if items end up with enthusiasts 
rather than collectors or even worse traders looking to make a bargain.

Best regards

Anders Carlsson, Sweden

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