Re: Parting with my PET collection in Finland

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Date: 2009-02-05 11:45:00

  Is the US B256 labeled a 256?
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Subject: Parting with my PET collection in Finland

> I'm sorry to write this, but I don't think that I can devote enough time
> to my Commodore hobby.  For now, I will keep the Commodore home computer
> line, but I would like to part with my PETs, which are rather bulky.
> This is not urgent; we will need more space late next year when my elder
> son starts school and needs an own room.
> I'm quoting this list from the top of my head.  Contact me for more
> information.
> * CBM 200 a.k.a. Commodore PET 8032-SK
> * CBM 220 a.k.a. Commodore PET 8096D or 8296D (can't remember which)
> * CBM 8050 single-sided dual disk drive
> * CBM 8250 double-sided dual disk drive
> * CBM 720 a.k.a. B256-HP (somewhat burned image on the monitor)
> * Commodore PET 8032 (integrated keyboard)
> * Some exotic PET circuit boards and software
> * Commodore SuperPET (U.S. model)
> * Commodore B128 or B256 (U.S. model)
> * Two Commodore adding machines (U.S. model)
> * Various Commodore calculators
> The U.S. models (110V supply needed) and calculators are from George 
> Page's
> collection that was bought by Bo Zimmerman.  Bo shipped these items to me.
> All items should be in working condition.  They are being stored indoors.
> I make no warranties, though.  You know, old equipment can fail when not
> used for a long time.
> I have got most of these cheap or in exchange to services.  The most
> expensive items were the U.S. stuff (a few hundred euros) and the CBM 220
> that I repaired with a spare circuit board that Ruud kindly sent to me.
> I welcome all offers.  I would prefer the buyer(s) to pick these up
> themselves at my home in Vantaa, Finland, but I can ship if needed,
> especially to people who I know.
> Best regards,
> Marko
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