Re: Parting with my PET collection in Finland

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2009-02-05 10:45:51

Hi Ruud,

> > * Some exotic PET circuit boards
> What kind of boards? You know I'm always in for something new so I can
> re-engineer it.

Two or three daughter boards, as far as I remember correctly.  One could
be memory expansion.  I can make photos when I get around to it.

> > and software
> Is welcome here as well. I can make D64, D80 or D82 of them. Even copies
> on real floppies for those who are interested as well. Even willing to
> part of the originals again once the copies have been made.

I could image the disks myself too.  I think that they are in 8050 or 8250
format.  There could be some sensitive data (private files or trade secrets)
on some disks, but it would be useful to archive the software disks.

> > * Two Commodore adding machines (U.S. model)
> Do you mean those big mechanical calculators, about shoe box sized?
> (just curiousity)

Yes, those ones.  The chassis is the same in both models, but one has
a couple of more digits.  The motor can be turned by hand, which I have
done since I don't have a 110V transformer.  I tested the 110V equipment
with a 110V transformer when I received it, though.  I never got around
to looking for fresh ribbon (the type that is used in mechanical
typewriters, all-black or red-black).


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