Re: SuperPET for Dummies

From: B Degnan (
Date: 2009-01-29 02:57:26 wrote:
> Well
> I have copies of the SuperPet Gazette from the early 80's, not sure what
> the copyright status is though.  This was quite an active group at the
> time.  Theu migrated to the Amiga and began publishing the Amiga
> Journetman Apprentice before it faded out.
> There was also several disks of programs which I have copies around
> somewhere.  I will have to poke around, I have not fired up the SP for a
> few years, not sure if it works still.
> Brian
Sure!  I was hoping some sort of user groups were out there for the SP.  
One of the things I have not explored is modem communications, terminal 
emulation and all that.  The SuperPET core interface has a "terminal" 

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