Re: Limit to length of REL file?

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2009-01-29 01:16:27 wrote:
> Is this 1541, 4040, 8x50 (or whatever) compatible? Surely not! But All
> REL files related software I encounterd so far worked fine. 
Right now, on sd2iec (the firmware that uIEC uses), I implemented file 
positioning by taking advantage of the fseek functionality of the 
underlying FatFs library.  To get to record 5 (with each record 50 bytes 
long), I just fseek to 5*50 and read 50 bytes.  As an added bonus, the 
'P' function works for non-REL files as well (it just positions to the 
actual byte in the file)

> But AFAIK you wrote your kernal from scratch on and therefore you're not
> limited by original routines. So I wish you success and luck with your
> work !!!
Yep, though I still need to implement REL files in D64 images, which 
will require using the side sectors... :-(

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