Re: FAT32 Code in 6502 or 6809 assembly language?

From: Rainer Buchty (
Date: 2008-12-05 11:11:04

On Thu, 4 Dec 2008, Jim Brain wrote:

> I would concur.  I tried compiling FatFS, which I feel is the best low 
> footprint FAT library out there, and it was 28K of 6502 code.

I experimented with efsl (->32kB) and Larwe's DOSFS (->8kB). Thanks for 
the pointer to FatFS, so far I was looking into this one to be adopted:

> I would look to it as you code up ML, though, as I think the code is very
> nice.  I made a Long Filename variant of it called FatFS-LFN that we use in
> uIEC and sd2iec.

Not sure whether I need LFN (what a crude hack... I was amazed when I 
read the FAT-related documentation how it was fiddled into FAT) as the 
target architecture supports only 10-char filenames, hence mingling that 
into 8+3 should be fairly easy (apart from some non-standard symbols).

Not sure, though, whether I'll be able to mingle everything (FAT32, 
SD/MMC access, system integration/menu) into the 4kB bank of the target 
machine's ROM.

Thanks for the input from both of you! (Wolfram, you got mail ;)


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