Re: SPAM-LOW: Re: CBM BX256-80 found - w/ 8088 processor card!

From: B Degnan (
Date: 2008-11-11 13:46:10

> By the way, when did Commodore manufacture their first IBM PC clone? 
> As far as I understand, the B-series date back to 1983/84. Bo 
> Zimmerman dates his PC10 and Colt back to 1984, so the 8088 expansion 
> card must've been developed almost simultaneously as the PC line, 
> although probably by two different teams and perhaps different 
> development facilities.
The B series pre-dates the C-64, but was never intended as a clone, nor 
is it compatible with MS DOS.  The version of MS DOS 1.25 that I have 
came directly from Commodore, and they got it to experiment with from 
Microsoft, or it was a port of some type with Microsoft's assistance.

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