RE: CBM BX256-80 found - w/ 8088 processor card!

From: Jack Rubin (
Date: 2008-11-11 04:32:34

Great find, Bill. Sorry to hear that Bruce passed away but if you need any
help on the ground here in Chicago, be sure to let me know.


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> Just a quick note...Today I opened a pair of run-of-the-mill 
> CBM 256-80 
> computers and to my surprise they both had 8088 co-processors 
> installed!  Neither system works, which is why I was opening them to 
> inspect them, but I have the parts to repair at least one of 
> them.   The 
> famed BX systems were capable of running MS DOS 1.25 and CP/M 86.
> What a find, eh?
> In the US the CBM 256 "BX" model with the 8088 co-processor was not 
> officially sold by Commodore. The few 8088 cards that were 
> produced in 
> test runs only were given to the Chicago B Series User Group 
> for free.  
> I have a copy of the release letter to prove it.  Bruce Faierson, the 
> 2nd president of CBUG and owner of Northwest Music near Chicago, 
> installed a few CBM 256-80's with these prototype 8088 cards and sold 
> them in the mid 80's.  I have some of his old mailers with the BX ads.
> I believe that the two computers I opened today are two of 
> his modified 
> systems.  They're all stock CBM parts with the prototype 8088 cards 
> installed.  Anyway, according to most sources only two or 
> three of the 
> 8088 co-processor cards were known to exist.  There is also a special 
> HI-BOY PLA that is required to run the 8088.  I suspect now 
> that there 
> are still a few BX's hiding in the bushes.  Add two more to 
> the list!  
> If you have a CBM 256-80, open it!
> Unfortunately Bruce passed away earlier this year.  I spoke him a few 
> times over the past few years and we traded a lot of emails.  
> He helped 
> me to build a working hi-profile B system with an 8088 card, 
> and because 
> of him I was able to learn a heck of a lot about the B Series 
> and IEEE 
> drives.
> If anyone has any additional info that's not covered on the few web 
> sites that discuss the B Series and the 8088 co-processor, 
> I'd love to 
> hear about it.
> Bill Degnan
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