Re: 65816 long addressing in assembler
Date: 2008-10-13 00:55:53

Zitat von Wolfram Sang <>:

> > My idea is using a symbol preceeding the label, just like # is used to
> > tell the compiler that now the immediate mode is meant. Any idea, or
> > better, already used solution is welcome!
> I use AS (now ASL) for coding. It uses '!' to force 24-bit-usage,
> although I doubt it could be called "standard" :) Without it, it would
> even shorten $00c000 to $c000, IIRC (can't test right now), which would
> meet my expectations. BTW, the same problem with 8/16-bit ambiguity
> arises if a label is a zeropage-address. Did you solve it there?

I recall there were several SNES (Super Nintendo) Assemblers who could handle 
all sort of adressing-usage. Why not as well use them, instead of coding your 
own stuff.

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