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Date: 2008-10-08 01:21:56

Hey Cameron, you met Terry in Ca. :)

We are a bit confused, the only Mike I. we knew was Isgur.  Isgur was
last seen being stuffed into a burlap bag, weighted down with 8250
drives and tossed in the Brandywine creek, how his name would get in
anything intentionally is beyond us.

Has anybody found any bad bytes in the roms?

CMBM would not have been incentivised to try and use the "cmos" opcodes
as we were in a hurry and would have tried to keep things mainstream (as
in compiler and code reuse) but with that said something could rear up
and make a liar out of me.


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> > Fred B is probably Fred Bowen. Terry R sounds *very* familiar -- I
> > Bil Herd knows a Terry and I think this is the same one. His last
> > escapes me at the moment.
> Cameron, you're right about Fred Bowen.  "Terry R" is Terry Ryan.  I'm
> not sure who "Mike I" is, but I bed Bil Herd knows.  ;)

Ryan! Yes, that's the one.

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