RE: Weird problem writing buffer 1 of a 8250 drive
Date: 2008-09-09 16:12:33

Hallo Anders,

> If this program does not work on Ruud's 8296D,

And here sits a man who thinks that someone is pulling his leg. Your 
program works fine. 

[an hour later] 

My original program now works fine as well, including the "m-e" issue. The 
error was indeed the colon behind the "m-w" and "m-r". And AFAIK I tested 
things without it! Anyway, without colon the PRG works, with it doesn't. 
Just checked things in the Disk Reference Manual for the 90x0 and 8x50 and 
here the colon isn't used at all. The manual for the older drives does 
mention it!
Regarding the now working "m-e": I think I found out why it now works and 
didn't before. I just ran the PRG with colon and then executed DIRECTORY. 
The drive behave weird, as mentioned before in an earlier email. Only a 
reset solved the matter. I think the colon caused the PRG to write the data 
at a complete other memory address then planned. And because of that "m-e" 
didn't work anymore and the runs without the colon as well. I'm quite sure 
I didn't reset the drive in between. When I tried to save the version 
without colon, same weird behaviour. And AFAIK I didn't try the colonless 
version after the reset.
The next day I tried the colonless version on the VICE drive and, as it 
didn't work there as well, I thought both versions didn't work.

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