1541 drive firmware confusion

From: Jim Brain (brain_at_jbrain.com)
Date: 2008-08-15 07:01:25

I'm trying to reconcile some information that is confusing me about the 
various 1541* roms.

On the 1541-II, there is a version on Zimmers called the 
1541-II.355640-01.bin rom.  It's a c000-ffff rom, which is normal for 
41-II units.  The text notes it's only used on Newtronics mechs.

However, I split the file and did a compare to the other files.  It 
appears this combined file is the same as:

cat 1540-c000.325302-01.bin 1541-e000.901229-05.bin > newfile

Which seems strange to me.  I would think the 1541-II would have had 
some of the updates found in the other 1541-II drive

Am I overlooking something?


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