Re: Converted source for Wolfgang Lorenz' Testsuite

From: Christer Palm (
Date: 2008-07-04 16:18:44

Hi Wolfram!

Wolfram Sang wrote:
> Hi all,
> I stumbled over this mail from cbm-hackers from 6 years ago
> (
> Christer Palm mentioned there, that he converted the famous test-suite 
> from Wolfgang Lorenz for non-C64-use. The URL for that was:
> I'd really like to have a glimpse on it, but neither is the link valid 
> nor does have a reference :(

No, that link's since long dead and gone.
I looked through some old stuff but couldn't find it off hand.

On the other hand, that file wasn't really a "conversion". It's just the 
PRG and source files extracted from the D64 image, so if you have the 
D64 image you could quite easily extract them yourself (although I 
remember that the D64 image at least used to be quite hard to find 
online as well)...

There's really just a handful of things that the testsuite requires to 
run on any 6502 platform, and that's the "test bench" environment 
described in the message you refer to. That "test bench" is obviously 
somewhat dependent on the target environment. In my particular case I 
was testing a 6502 emulator, so the testbench wasn't even implemented in 
6502 code but rather as a C++ wrapper around the emulator code. So even 
if I'd find the code I don't think it'd be very useful to you.

Christer Palm

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