Re: Looking for a really good PET zero-page map
Date: 2008-06-20 21:49:11

On 2008-06-17, at 05:58, Ethan Dicks wrote:


> Here's a first-cut sample of how something might look.
> < 
> >
> After getting it to this stage, one of the things I thought might be
> nice would be to use GIFs rather than background colors, then have
> alt-tags that named the location and what it did on that machine - so
> you could hover over and see *why* a location was the color it was.
> As it is now, it's useful to someone who knows a bit about how the
> ROMs work and just wants to check where they can stick some little
> tidbit.  I think most folks who are going to be programming a PET in
> assembler probably already have their favorite locations, but this
> might com in handy if you normally use the same few places over and
> over, and suddenly need an extra 10-20 spots to stuff pointers and
> such.
> Please let me know if this sort of map is interesting [...].

Others have told about the form already so no more comments on that.  
Just few words that something like that would be quite useful for  
various machines. Although I do have my favourite ZP locations on the  
64, I (f.e.) had to spend a good amount of time searching for safe ZP  
locations when I started something more serious on the 1541. When I  
jump to do some porting to PET - I will surely like to have a reliable  
info resource like that - with explanations as you mentioned.

Short answer: yes!


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