Re: Relative File Bug?
Date: 2008-06-13 07:07:46

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Does  nyone have details on the relative file "bug" in the CBM drives?   
Even the 1541-II manual refers to it and notes you should position twice  
to avoid, but I'd like to get more detail.

I wrote a data base using rel file over 20 yrs ago that I still use.   Never 
have errors.  I do recall having problems at first, but don't recall  now if 
the reason I open, P, write, close, each time is the cure.  Also, I  P to to 
the first byte of the record.  So, my P line looks like this:
where C is channel number, L & H are low high byte of record number,  and 1 
is first byte if record.
Hope this helps,  Rolf

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