Re: VIC2 images

From: Michael Huth (
Date: 2008-05-24 02:38:25

Wolfgang Moser wrote:
> Finally all layers were reduced to the
> background, the image size reduced a bit and
> the picture saved as HQ jpeg:
> What do you think?
I took a look on it on my tft monitor and they also look very good.
In direct comparison to my lossless compressed version I noticed that at 
the edge between the row pictures
ptgui does get the color blending very good but you can see some edge in 
luminance, whereas
it is the other way around with your picture. Luminance fits, but some 
slight change from green to a more yellow green is visible.
On the other hand -> You have to know where to look for and it also 
takes a while until you really notice it.
I would call it as good as it can be.

For a printout the question is if you want 'true' colors or more 
details. Then you might change it to CMYK and Auto Level each color 
My guess for normal dithering is that the printer should have at least 4 
times the resolution if you use mixed colors.
As a plain estimation for A0 if you use 70 cm width and have 20000 
pixels in the image is about 715 dpi base times four nearly 3000 dpi.
>> I can take shots of chips now and then. I also got the request to do 
>> this for a SID recently.
> Yeah, but it is really hard to find a SID in
> ceramic package.
> I just wanted to ask, _if_ I should find some
> other ceramic packaged 65xx chip sometime.
> Once I have got a 6569, but it got damaged
> somehow and I threw it away, when I was a kid.
Tommi Lempinen asked me if I will take a map of the SID when he sends me 
the chip.
I'am not sure in what shape it is yet. It should arrive here within the 
next [two?] weeks.

> Hmmm, once there was Funet.FI, which is now
> backed at While Funet.FI is a
> very big european FTP/rsync mirror server with
> lot's of Linux related traffic, I doubt that
> this holds true for, too. What do
> you think, Bo?
Yeah if he is still reading the list, any comment on your possibilities?

> Nevertheless, I'm so grateful that you made
> these DIE shot, even if it does take years once
> a addicted microelectronics engineer discovers
> these for analysis.
Hehe, a co-worker in research asked me lately how my 'neo-archeology' is 
going on...


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