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From: Loo, W.A. van (
Date: 2008-05-21 21:28:06

I'm trying to get my hands on the compiled image, but I really dont understand how to download it.. 
I always get a 404 error :(


Van: namens Michael Huth
Verzonden: wo 21-5-2008 21:03
Onderwerp: Re: VIC2 images wrote:
> On 2008-05-20, at 19:56, Michael Huth wrote:
>> The ~30 MB JPEG is already a high-compressed version of the 1.4 GB 
>> TIFF.
>> Actually I'am a bit curious why the TIFF grows to this size because 
>> the original PNGs are about 750 MB.
> AFAIR PNG applies losless compression by default. TIFF can use LZW or 
> ZIP compression yet doesn't by default.
> [...]
I have checked this, the image is compressed. The bigger size has
something to do with the 13 layers, if I save it flattened it is about
630 MB.

So and as I wrote before I took images of Revision 1 too and here is the
impressive perfect complete die picture:

I'am quite impressed myself a bit that all the single images fit
together so well in the end.
Again this JPEG is in highest photoshop compression and around 30 MB, so
artifacts might occur.
Rememer to use some viewer that is able to handle images of this size,
most programs simply fail big time.

If you would like to have the lossless compressed version, please drop
me a mail and we will arrange some transfer.
(preferable with a higher speed connection ;-) )
As written above the lossless image is ~630 MB.

The original single images are ~800 MB (a bit more this time because of
one additional row for overlap).

I also played a bit with the microscopes features.
One of the features is darkfield mode where the light is not directed
perpendicular to the sample but at a low angle to the surface.
In this mode only diffuse refracted light is visible, so it is suitable
to see edges on the surface.
Note that in this mode highly refractive planes on the surfaces are
nearly black.

If someone thinks that a shot in darkfield mode of a specific area can
help decode the stuff, I still have the IC and can probably get a
opportunity at the microscope.
(The instrument belongs to another research group, in this case 'Optics'.)

The darkfield images are currently uploading and will be available as
soon as uploads finish.


P.S.: Is someone able to print high quality laminated posters at A0
(cheap?) ?

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