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From: Jeremy (
Date: 2008-05-05 16:58:12

--- Jim Brain <> wrote:

> wrote:
> > Hallo allemaal,
> >
> >
> > I wanted to test my 16 MB version and ran into the next problem: 
> > Commodore's own copy program UNI-COPY, found on several demo-disks, didn't
> > like that my harddisk reports to have 65022 free sectors. It ends with an 
> > error message saying that there are no free sectors left :(
> >
> > My question what copy programs do you use that don't use speedloaders 
> > (unless it is JiffyDOS compatible) and could I have a copy please?
> >
> >   
> CMD's FCOPY might work. It does not use a speeder, to my knowledge
> JIm

Is that program also written in a basic/ml configuration?  

Tells all on the list there needs to be a nice, speed written JD copier
program... I'd love to see one that's faster than fcopy, Mcopy or Bcopy+..


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