Strange looking (French) C64
Date: 2008-04-23 23:36:21

Hi guys!

I thought I'd ask whether someone had seen something like this one before.

This is a French C64 that I've just bought off from eBay. ...I've been afte
r a SECAM C64, and as it seems, I actually failed but found something (...w
ell, almost) similarly interesting. I don't speak French, but as far as I c
an tell, the sticker above says "PAL or RGB television". The transcoder boa
rd on one of the photos (I found it mounted under the keyboard block, just 
where I'd have expected to find the PAL-SECAM transcoder board) doesn't rea
lly look like something capable of encoding into SECAM... it'd most probabl
y decode PAL (so the TDA3510 suggests), but... where's the rest?...

Also (...finally) I received the machine with an old-looking true DIN-8 to 
SCART cable. ...There were no special peripherals with the computer, seems 
like it had been used just for playing games simply loaded from tape. ...I'
d doubt that a large number of non-professional C64 users would have bother
ed buying such relatively special cables for the computer just for the sake
 of playing games back then.

All in all, this looks to me like a C64 with analog RGB support.

I couldn't really test it yet, as (as it can be seen on the photo) the mach
ine got slightly damaged on its way here, ...and unfortunately, so did the 
transcoder board :-/.

The machine's composite output is PAL (it works, despite the damage). Conne
cting the cable that I had received the computer with to a SCART tv and swi
tching the tv to RGB mode, I got black screen (...may well be because of th
e slightly damaged board, but I don't know that for sure yet). I couldn't s
ync to the UHF signal generated by the RF modulator... I could see signs th
at I found the signal band, but the signal couldn't be identified by my tv 
as a valid signal. No signs of any SECAM signals anywhere whatsoever. ...Th
at's where I'm ATM.

 ...I'm really curious if someone knows something more about these machines.
 ... some light on this would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


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