Re: Update IDEJD6
Date: 2008-04-14 17:24:20

Hallo Craig,

> Just a random thought - use the 1571 u0>h1, u0>h0 commands to ...

To make sure we are talking about the same thing: if I'm going to use the 
16 bits interface, thus using 512 bytes sectors, it is for the LBA file 
system only, the one supporting up to 128 GB drives.
The LBA system uses 4 bytes to identify the sectors. The hardware only uses 
3.5 bytes; the four most significant bytes are used for telling what drive, 
slave or master, to use (bit 4) or using the LBA mode (bit 6). Bit 5 and 7 
are always set to 1.

This means I had four bits left for my own purposes. I use bit 7 to tell 
that a link is the last sector of a file. The idea is to use bit 6 to tell 
the drive whether to use the first or second half of the sector.
I have been thinking about numbering the sectors in the normal way ie. 
fysical sector 1 contains C= sector 0 and 1, 2 contains 2 and three but 
this means a lot of left/right shifting to convert one type of sector into 
the other. Time will tell if this is a good decision.

> As a further extension, u0>m1 could add an additional bam track for the
> second "side" that conditionally gets considered ....

I'm terribly sorry but I have no idea what you mean, please explain.

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