RE: CP/M for any Commodore
Date: 2008-03-18 15:48:23

Hallo Ethan,

> then a) bump it up to at least 32K of SRAM,

IIRC you need at least 48 KB of RAM for CP/M 2.2

> and b) add some form of UART for a console

Why? The idea is that the Commodore is your console and diskdrive
in-one. But it could come in handy for debugging.

> then c) work out what to do about mass storage.

Indeed forgot to mention that. It shouldn't be difficult to connect
Jim's PCB to the Z80 card. And AFAIK CP/M supports 512 bytes sectors.
But OTOH CP/M only supports partitions up to 8 MB IIRC ???

> It would be easy for me to slap a 6522 or two on the card...

Eh, I'm afraid you maybe got the thing wrong. Maybe my error. The idea
is to connect the 6522 to the Commodore and to connect the I/O-lines of
this 6522 to the available I/O-lines of a PIO, 8255 or other equivalent
I/O IC('s). Using all ports of a PIO and a 6522 you have one port for
sending data, one for receiving data and several handshake lines for
controling the communication.
I have a printer buffer that uses 74LS373's and 74LS244's for
communication. All is fine as long as you have 8 bits for sending, 8 for
receiving and at least two controllines.

I'll make a dump of the ROM of the CP/M card for the BBC. And I just
remembered that I should have one of Elektuur/Elektor laying around! I
also made PDF's of various CP/M documentation so this can help as well.

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