Re: USB Stick on c-64 tape port?

From: Groepaz (
Date: 2008-03-13 05:57:40

On Mittwoch 05 März 2008, wrote:
> Zitat von M H Stein <>:
> > I have to ask: why do you want to do this? What do you want to connect
> > to?
> >
> > Not only do you have to "speak" USB, but there's also the matter of
> > talking to whatever's at the other end in a "language" that it
> > understands. Whatever it is, there may be easier ways.
> Well, i was thinking about "very cheap mass storage for the c64"; and I
> selected the tape port in particular so other devices at userport (speeddos
> cable!) and expansion port (ram expansion! mmc! etc.etc.) would not be
> bothered.
> Furthermore the fact that USB hardware needs four lines only almost begged
> it to be plugged in to the tape port; if it had worked, the hardware costs
> would have been as cheap as just connecting four pins from the USB stick to
> four lines of the tape port. Would have. But now that there is the speed
> problem, there's no such thing as a free lunch eh...

you can connect a MMC card to the tape port with nothing more than a few wires 
(and i think, a resistor somewhere). there was an almost "ready" project like 
this around back when mmc64 was introduced.


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