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Date: 2008-03-06 23:00:17

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On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 4:26 PM, B Degnan <> wrote:
>  I know that Larry Anderson demoed at VCF 9 two PETs hooked up via a
>  parallel cable and adapter I believe for use in a game.  The game involved
>  a split screen view on both systems, with views of the other screen
>  transmitted through the parallel cable.  I don't have all of the details.

That sounds like "Flash Attack" - I saw that reviewed in an old (but
it was new at the time) Byte Magazine.  I imitated the technique to
hook my first C-64 to my old 32K PET 2001-N.

I think what Mike was asking about, and please correct me if I'm
wrong, would be to have something akin to a dumb terminal sitting off
of either the RS-232/user port of a C-64 or off of an IEEE-488 serial
port on a PET (yes... they exist... I have a couple of them, made by

I'm curious about this, too.  Obviously direct screen access wouldn't
work, and there might be an issue with ASCII vs PETSCII, but the
question is, I think, can you just redirect both input and output
streams to an external device, even if that device might have to run a
custom communications client to handle wierd PETisms?


Yes, that's what I'm talking about. What I have in mind is having my 
various systems, which are in the basement, remotely controllable
(including power on/off) from a "terminal" in my office upstairs and, 
through a bridge, via the internet for direct file transfer.

This is of course trivial for PCs and CP/M/UNIX type systems with 
RS-232 consoles, and not much more complicated for systems that at 
least have an RS-232 port and I/O vectors that can easily be redirected, 
but the PETs are a bit of an extra challenge. Using an emulator is 
probably the way to go with them (especially the graphics-intensive
C-64 etc.) but I was just curious if it had been done without much
extra hardware etc. I did think of using an old laptop to drive the
keyboard I/P through the parallel port and using CMD to capture
O/P on the serial or a second parallel, and maybe I will still play 
with that a bit.

My IEEE<>RS232 (& Centronics) interfaces are CmC ADA's BTW.

Forgot about Flash Attack; anybody try playing over the internet?


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