Re: Remote control of a PET

From: B Degnan (
Date: 2008-03-06 17:57:52

>>  I have a later pet with a strange coax port daughterboard used in some
>>  sort of communications.  Sorry I cannot be specific.
> That sounds intriguing... do you have any photographs posted?  If so,
> with enough detail to read the numbers off the chips?
> -ethan


Here are the pics I have of the system, these may or may not be detailed
enough for you.  Jack Rubin mailed it to me a while back.
...I have only been able to get the system to boot up once, it's still a
work in progress.

I believe I also owe you or someone in this group the schematics for a
fast bus cartridge for a B-series CBM.  Sorry I have been behind.  It's on
my list of to-do's.


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