RE: USB Stick on c-64 tape port?
Date: 2008-03-06 12:53:21

Hallo allemaal,

Anders wrote:
> the IEC bus after all is a better target if we drop the needs
> of a USB or memory card mass storage device on the PET series.

1) <shameless plug mode on> There is CBM-HD. <shameless plug mode off>
2) With a bit of effort it shouldn't be to difficult to port my 1541IDE project to a 2031. And with a bit of help of André it shouldn't be too difficult to turn a 1541 into a 2031.
3) What about turning the Userport of a PET into an IEC port (just a wild idea, haven't checked any schematic yet) or adding an extra 6522? The software can be handled by an EPROm in one of the expansion sockets.

> The server would again have to transmit every application...

Using a PC or another device with an user interfacer, you can tell this device to what file you are looking for. No round-robin or other form of waiting. Remember, a recorder has a fast-forward button. So IMHO it is logical to build a device that has one or more equivalent buttons. The feedback to the user can be as simple as some 7-segments LED-displays showing the number of the "found" file.

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