Re: USB Stick on c-64 tape port?

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 2008-03-06 03:45:54

> > I think he wants to use the tape port exclusively.
> Um, yes. After all, how would an USB stick device on the tape port
> work? Would you implement the special LOAD"$",1 to get a directory
> from the USB stick and then load named files?
> I don't know so much about the technicalities, but is anything preventing
> you from creating a "tape" device that works pretty much like a floppy
> drive, i.e. does the IEC bus have any special magic in that respect?

The IEC bus just lets the disk drive sort it out, while LOAD"$",1 would
search the 'tape' for a file named $. I suppose there could be magic for
that on the other end, but I agree with Jim that the IEC bus is much more
flexible. You'd be dealing with relative timing intolerance either way.

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