Re: USB Stick on c-64 tape port?

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2008-03-05 22:08:20

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
>> A thought: Wouldn't be possible to take an old PC, connect its serial 
>> port through a C2N232 to the tape recorder and make the PC act like a 
>> file server, similar to how 64HDD works for the IEC connector? Maybe this 
>> software already exists.
> Sorry, not that I know.  The new C2N232I has a serial bus connector, but
I think he wants to use the tape port exclusively.  To me, that causes 
issues because you're essentially using the PC as a large tape drive, 
but the real tape drive had REW/FF/PLAY/RECORD as manual buttons.  In 
essence, the computer operator performed a manual DOS function.  You can 
do little more as a PC.  The IEC bus offers the ability to implement a 
complete DOS on the PC, including directory listings and such.

> sending the right commands to the RS-232 port of the C2N232).  However,
> I never wrote a file server application.  I wanted to finish the
I can;t comment on the TINY2313 C2N232 implementation, but I have a 
working ATMEGA16/32 IEC implementation with a working file server 
written here that uses the PC serial port.  I'm still fighting a bug in 
the JiffyDOS implementation during loads, and there's a myriad of DOS 
commands like U0> and such left to implement, but the former is fixable, 
and the latter is just code I need to write, no technical challenges.

It works very nicely, though a bit slow.  As when I started the project, 
I intend to get the packet structure and such working and robust over 
serial, and then migrate to a USB-based AVR device and port just the 
packet system and my file server code to USB.  That should remove speed 
issues.  Though, with JiffyDOS turned on now, I get 4000bytes/sec, which 
is not too shabby.

The server is platform independent, and has no GUI.  It is controlled 
completely via the IEC bus command channel.


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