Re: Are there any IEEE floppy drive (4040/8050...) emulator projects out there?

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2008-01-31 12:25:59

2008/1/31  <>:
> But the problem wouldn't be the software but the hardware.
> The IEEE drives have have an electronic gadget on board...
> ... The moment the computer sends an ATN, the NRFD and NDAC lines
> are pulled (L) telling the computer the drive isn't ready yet. This
> gives the drive some air to find out that ATN has been activated and
> pulling NRFD and NDAC (L) using software. Believe me, I know where I'm
> talking about because I spent years on this item :(

I can entirely believe you.  Thanks for saving me loads of duplicated effort.

> If you want more details, please se:

Most excellent!  I have every expectation of making the attempt to
build a suitable cable here and give it a go.

Thanks for paving the way!


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