Re: How to assemble 1541-IDE Kit?

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2008-01-27 21:21:16 wrote:
> Hi dudes,
> I'm very sorry of admitting to just how lousy a hardware-man I am.
> When I got the 1541-IDE kit from Al Anger, I immidately noticed that I 
> could not tell at first glance which side of the board ought to have
> the parts on, and which is actually side 2. :-(
> Furthermore, since no extra information is ever written on the board, 
> I'm very unsure of where to place the couple of resistors, the couple
> of condensators, and which way to place the 40-pin IDE connector - 
> I bet if I do it without any further information, I end up doing it all
> the WRONG way. :(
I would print out a copy of this:

The TTL ICs will have a half moon shape on the top of the ICs, just like 
in the pictures.

The capacitors can be installed eitehr way, as can the resitors.  For 
the LED, one leg of the LED is longer than the other.  That is the 
Anode, and it should be installed in the hole to the right (the one with 
the wire to pin 1 of the '244.

On the IDE connector, you'll see  a little arrow down on the right lower 
side.  There should be a corresponding arrow on the connector.  If all 
else fails, the side of the connector with 3 notches in the other 
platsic should go towards the ICs.  Note that you will need to "pull" 
one of the pins out of the connector to install it (there is not hole 
for a pin in the middle of the connector (the IDE "key" hole)


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