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From: Christian Lyng (
Date: 2008-01-21 09:16:33

Thinking of Commodore, in Toronto the company Navtel used to be part of the
company I work for, during a visit there I noticed that they had these metal
cabinets with a Commodore logo on, and I am pretty sure that they still are
there..I guess if anyone wants to get their hands on some C= furniture this
is the place to start.


On Jan 21, 2008 1:05 AM, Brian Lyons <> wrote:

> > Toronto used to be the Commodore headquarters and home of
> > Jim Butterfield; it's always had a very active PET/CBM community
> > and TPUG (Toronto PET Users Group, the second one AFAIK) is
> > still active after all these years. WordPro & Paperclip, BusCards,
> > BI-80s and a lot of other PET & C64 stuff came from here.
> >
> Steve Punter (programmer of WordPro & Punter protocol) did a talk at last
> TPUG meeting on the 17th of January.
> Leif Bloomquist (creator of C64 Telnet BBS
> first Internet enabled multiplayer C64 game was also in attendance.
> It is awesome to meet some of these folks.
> Toronto area remains still fairly active for Commodore hardware & software
> development.
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       Message was sent through the cbm-hackers mailing list

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