Re: Please post image of installed component
Date: 2008-01-20 11:07:25

Hallo allemaal,

I passed the MCSE exam last Friday so now I have some air again for the IDE 

Hallo Al,

> except it seems to be gone now...

Hallo Craig,

> ... how Ruud's software modifications of the 1541 code fit into this ...
> or is this a separate project he's working on? 

Jim's board is simply the 16 bits version of what I'm working with now. So 
theoretically all the things I'm doing now should work with Jim's board. 

> In addition, I assume from other comments that the 6502 slot is intended
> for future expansion - not for direct placement of a 6502 chip. 

Au contraire, it IS meant to be placed under a 6502. The only thing you 
have to supply is a Chip Select signal. This means you can you use it in 
any 6502 system: Atari 800, Apple ][, Oric, CBM 8032 and, more interesting 
for us, the CBM drives.
In case of the 1541 it is pin 13 of the 74LS42 that provides access to the 
address range $1000-$13FF. 

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  / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud
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