Re: 1541-Newtronics mechanism problem

From: matt (
Date: 2008-01-17 10:31:03

are old tech says disk speed is more important than alignment.

just my 2 cents
thanks matt
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>> I have wrestling with a drive repair for weeks now.  I thought I had
>> it all fixed; it was reading the Dysan 224a alignment (analog)
>> diskette (Commodore 970016 01 48 TPI alignment diskette) with sine
>> wave tracks on 16 & 18 and 34 (according to Dysan docs) and so it
>> then passed the all the Commodore Consumer Diag V2 tests except the
>> #7 test to fast format and write then read selected tracks (well it
>> did pass that test with one of the F15 scratch disks).  But it would
>> not format a floppy always reporting 21 read error 00 00.   I tried
>> then formatting with 3 more Newtronics drives and got that same
>> response.
>> Is this a common and well known problem with Newtronics?
>> The Commodore 1541 Service Manual PN 314002-01 does not document this
>> behaviour or symptomology (of course it is November 1985 but has some
>> added pages released later).
>> What about the program called "Alps drive check and
>> alignment" (program 970127.D) on the C.D. V2 disk as "Disk Alignment"
>> -41 blocks- is/was there a program called "Newtronics drive check and
>> alignment"?
> A lot of times trying to align some of those old mechs is futile.  You can
> get it perfectly aligned to 18, 1, and 34, then the next time it bumps the
> heads it's off a track again.
> Pete
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