1541-Newtronics mechanism problem

From: RayBryan (raycomp_at_visi.com)
Date: 2008-01-16 20:05:12

I have wrestling with a drive repair for weeks now.  I thought I had  
it all fixed; it was reading the Dysan 224a alignment (analog)  
diskette (Commodore 970016 01 48 TPI alignment diskette) with sine  
wave tracks on 16 & 18 and 34 (according to Dysan docs) and so it  
then passed the all the Commodore Consumer Diag V2 tests except the  
#7 test to fast format and write then read selected tracks (well it  
did pass that test with one of the F15 scratch disks).  But it would  
not format a floppy always reporting 21 read error 00 00.   I tried  
then formatting with 3 more Newtronics drives and got that same  

Is this a common and well known problem with Newtronics?

The Commodore 1541 Service Manual PN 314002-01 does not document this  
behaviour or symptomology (of course it is November 1985 but has some  
added pages released later).

What about the program called "Alps drive check and  
alignment" (program 970127.D) on the C.D. V2 disk as "Disk Alignment"  
-41 blocks- is/was there a program called "Newtronics drive check and  

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