Re: X-IDE advice/help needed

From: Pete Rittwage (
Date: 2008-01-06 22:15:12

Jim Brain wrote:
> wrote:
>> Hallo allemaal,
>> I'm trying to implement subdirectories. The idea I have in mind works
>> as it is used in CBM-HD as well. But implementing it is the problem.
>> What I need to know is how I can create a file on the disk. I managed
>> to create an entry in the directory But I need almost the whole day
>> for it :( And even then I'm don't know why it works now. There is a
>> block allocated. But the directory needs to be updated with the size
>> of the file (in this case just 1), where does that happen?
>> I have to fill this block with data. I have a routine called
>> WriteSector and that one needs somewhere the variable JOBNUM as entry.
>> When saving files from the outside, this variable is set somewhere.
>> But now I'm working from the inside.
> Can;t you just mark the parent dir entry with a length of 1 when you are
> creating the dir?  It'll never be anything else, no?
> Jim

It occurs to me that when we get in our boards, we need some way to burn
EPROMs to replace the drive ROM to develop for it?  :)

Are you using one of those ROM/RAM boards, Ruud?

Pete Rittwage
C64 Preservation Project

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