Re: X-IDE: format problems (2)
Date: 2008-01-06 11:19:53

Hallo Craig,

> however in your source (larger that you linked to) you state that it
> starts counting with 1.... I assume this is due to IDE protocols etc.

That is correct indeed. But the C= drive always start with track 1, track 0 
doesn't exist and in the link system it means that this sector is the last 
one in a row. 
The track is copied into IDElba1, the sector in IDElb0. This means that the 
very first sector of a C= disk, track 1 / sector 0, is found at sector 256 
of the harddisk.

This scheme also means that the first 255 sectors are free for our own use. 
In fact, having 'only' 255 tracks at our disposal, I'm thinking about using 
these sectors for the BAM. 

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