Re: X-IDE: format problems (2)
Date: 2008-01-05 21:50:25

Hallo Daniel,

> > FormatTrack02	sta	IDEdata
> > 		inx
> > 		bne	FormatTrack02
> X=0 here
> X must still contain the track for your next loop.

Oops, that is an error indeed, but unfortunately not the one causing the 
error. In version one to three I used a table to calculate where a Floppy 
sectors ends up on the harddisk and here was X initialised again before 
calling SetTSparms. As a step towards the 16 MB disk (= 255 tracks with 
each 256 sectors), a sectors ends up on the same sector on the harddisk.
Somewhere in the process of changing the routine I forgot to restore X 
I corrected this error but, as expected, that didn't change things :(
But many thanks anyway !

Hallo Peter,

> X is just being used as a scratch register here, it is always reset to
> zero each time around.  Y is the track, not the sector like in the
> comments?  It looks like this code should format sector zero only on
> tracks 0-255 if I am reading the SetTSparms3 code correctly?
Y is indeed the sector, and X the track. But due to my error things looked 
strange indeed.

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