X-IDE: format problems (2)

Date: 2008-01-05 16:07:02

Hallo allemaal

As I already mentioned I have a problem with formatting the disk: the first 
time ends fine, the second format ends with a write error. No explanation 
at all :(
Yesterday I stumbled into something that makes the problem even weirder. I 
did a move towards the 16 MB disk and decided to format all 256 sectors of 
a track. See below, Y=sector, X=track:

	ldy	#0

; Fill sector with zeros
FormatTrack01	tya

		jsr	SetTSparms3

		lda	#$30		; write sector
		jsr	SendCommand

		lda	#0

FormatTrack02	sta	IDEdata
		bne	FormatTrack02

		dey			; next sector?
;		bne	FormatTrack01	; yes, ->

;	ldy	#0
;	dey
	bpl	FormatTrack01

		jmp	L_FD8B

Rest of source:

If you ommit the lines starting with ';', you get my first try. Which is 
wrong as only track 0 will be formatted. BPL is an inheritance of 
formatting from track 21 (or less) downwards (see:
http://www.baltissen.org/files/idejd4.asm and look for !&&12). But in this 
case, after only formatting sector zero, I can format the disk as many 
times without any error. So I thought, had it to do with the BPL command?

Finding no reasonable explanation at L_FD8B and further, I just tried to 
copy the circumstances by first inserting the BNE (as it should be) and 
then adding this LDY #0 (in fact not needed) and DEY. Still got my error :( 

So I restored things and tried formatting the track starting with sector 1 
instead of 0 (LDY #1 instead of LDY #0 just above ;@@00), same result. Only 
then when I only format sector zero, I have no error.  

Why ????

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