Re: Boards and component kits

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2007-12-31 17:27:48

Al wrote:
> Hello, 
> Our friends in Europe seem to have a different way of paying for things.
> Let me explain. André has informed me that, "In Europe, everything's
> electronic money transfer. I can send the money electronically to your
> account via bank transfer." It seems Money Orders,
> as Americans know it, isn't used, or isn't popular.
> To do a wire transfer, I would need to send him my complete bank account
> info. I am leery of doing that, especially by email. 
> Also, it seems PayPal is not an option for some, as they don't use the
> service.
> Any help, advice?

If it helps, I can paypal the money to you (you pay fees and I pay currency 
conversion EUR-US$), and André can send me the EUR amount with wire 
transfer (free). Just let me know the details ...


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