Date: 2007-12-31 14:18:40

Hallo Jim,

> Still, the closer you can keep the FS to CBM specs, I think the better.

Then I take this as an shameless opportunity to promote my own LBA system 

- instead of two bytes it uses four bytes to link to the next system. Four 
bytes minus one bit support up to one TeraByte!
- it uses a BAM but without the 'free sectors/track'-byte. The BAM only 
keeps record of what sectors are free or not.
- a directory record looks the same as the original one except four link 
bytes except two.
- very first sector contains some system info, like the diskname, disk 
size, size of a sector and the start sector of the directory
- the BAM starts at the second sector
- the directory start after the BAM

My LBA system can support 256 and 512 bytes sized sectors: if the MS bit of 
the  4th byte of the link is set, then this sector is the last sector of a 
file. The first byte, in case of a 512-bytes sized sector the second byte 
as well, tells the system how many bytes of this sector are used.


Regarding X-IDE and JiffyDOS:
I removed all the freed space between the original routines and none of the 
original routines reside on their original address anymore. Yet things work 
fine :)

I started with removing references to the second drive. I also want to 
remove all references to the disk ID. As I cannot swap a disk, why would we 
need a disk ID? Showing the directory, the first line will display: 

0 "DISKNAME        " X-IDE 

'DISKNAME' can be changed. Formatting of the disk can be done with and 
without the ID option. With ID the system only accepts the characters 'ID'. 
This because formatting a real disk will take quite some time. You can 
compare it with the quick option for DOS format.

When writing this, I already removed the write protection routines. But it 
just occurred to me it could come in handy. Your oppinion, please!

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  / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud
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